Here are some of the common issues users of our Windows client encounter, and how to resolve them:

Unable to Connect After Installing:

If you just installed the client on your Windows computer, and are not able to connect to any servers, and you have a valid subscription; the issue is likely that a key component was not installed during the installation process.  Most commonly; this is because the user chooses to not install the TAP adapters / drivers when prompted, which are required in order for the client to gain access to our servers.  

To resolve this, you need to re-install the client; but when you are prompted to install the TAP drivers; you MUST click "Install", even though by default; this option is not selected.  Complete the installation process, and you should be able to connect to our servers with no problems. 

Unable to Connect After Renewing:

If you have recently renewed your subscription, and are not able to access our servers, or have a notification that your account has expired; first login to our website to confirm that the payment was successful and that it has been applied.  Sometimes there can be a slight delay for payments to be processed; and if your payment is not listed on that page; please contact our Support Team with the Transaction ID and payment method so that we can ensure is is promptly applied.  

If the payment has been received; please restart the client.  This should resolve the issue and enable the client to update the time remaining on the account.