Easy-Hide-IP allows non-Windows users to configure connections on devices running iOS. Apple recently removed the PPTP VPN protocol as an option, so we recommend configuring an L2TP connection. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your iOS device.

  • Select General, then select VPN.

  • Select Add VPN Configuration.

  • Enter the following information, and tap Done:
    • Type: L2TP
    • Description: Enter a name for the connection you are adding, something descriptive like EHIP UK VPN
    • Server:   Enter the server address of the location/server that you wish to connect to from our server list for example uk.ehvpn.com)
    • Account: Enter your Easy-Hide username.
    • Password: Enter your Easy Hide password.
    • For the 'Secret':  Enter “easyhideip”.

You should now be able to connect.