Please follow the instructions below to manually configure Easy-Hide-IP on your Mac OS X computer using the PPTP protocol.

  1. Open System Preferences on your computer by clicking the Apple icon () in the top menu of your display; or the System Preferences icon within your dock ().

  2. Select Network.

  3. Click the "+" button to begin adding your Easy-Hide-IP connection.

  4. Select the following options, then click Create:
    - Interface = VPN
    - VPN Type = PPTP
    - Service Name = Enter a name for the connection.  Ie. Easy-Hide-IP PPTP

  5.  Add a configuration by selecting "Add Configuration..." in the Configuration field.

  6.  Enter a name for the connection, such as "Easy-Hide-IP PPTP - Moscow".

  7. Enter the server address as listed within our PPTP Server List for the server / location you wish to connect to in the Server Address field.  You may directly copy the address by clicking the Copy icon (), located to the left of the each server within the list, to avoid any potential errors.

  8. Enter your Easy-Hide-IP Username in the Account Name field.  You may obtain your username within the account area of Easy-Hide-IP anytime here.

  9. Leave Encryption set as default (Automatic 128 or 40 bit), then click Authentication Settings.

  10. Enter your Easy-Hide-IP password in the Password field.  If you have forgotten your account password, please reset it here.  Click Advanced...

  11. Within the Options tab, select "Send all traffic over VPN connection", then click OK to continue.

  12. Select Show VPN status in menu bar to provide quick access to connection details. Then click Apply.

  13. You may see a warning notifying you that VPN using PPTP may not be secure.  This is only a precaution as PPTP is not as secure as other protocols.  Click Save Configuration to successfully complete saving the new configuration to your computer.

  14. Click Connect to initiate the connection.

Please contact Support if you have any questions, or require any assistance.