Please see below for instructions on how to setup a PPTP VPN connection on your iOS device (iPhone / iPad):

  1. Open your device Settings icon.

  2. Select "General" from the Settings menu.

  3. Select "VPN".

  4. Select "Add VPN Configuration...".

  5. For "Type"; select PPTP, then click Back.

  6. Enter a description, such as the server location (IE.  France) in the Description field.

  7. Enter the desired server address from our PPTP Server List (please note that your Easy-Hide-IP username and password are required in order to access our server information) in the Server field; IE.

  8. Enter your Easy-Hide-IP username in the Account field.

  9. Leave the RSA SecurID field blank / unselected.

  10. Enter your Easy-Hide-IP account password in the Password field.

  11. Click Done.

  12. To add more than one server / location; repeat steps 4 - 11 as needed.

  13. To connect; simply swipe the Status toggle to the right.

If you have any questions, or require assistance; please contact Support anytime.