Follow this step-by-step guide on how to connect to Easy Hide IP VPN using OpenVPN and Android:

1.  Download the OpenVPN Connect app for Android to your Android device(s).

2.  Download the Easy Hide IP OpenVPN configuration files of the server(s) / location(s) you wish to connect to, to your Android device by downloading the files on a device browser from the account area of Easy Hide IP.

3.  Open the OpenVPN Connect app on your device, and tap More, and select Import.  Import the files from the folder on your device which they are saved to (commonly /downloads), and select the configuration file.  

4.  Enter your Easy Hide IP username and password, and tap Save to store this information for future connections. Tap OK to allow the app permission to monitor your network traffic.

5.  Click Continue, and connect to the Easy Hide IP OpenVPN server of your choice!

If you have any questions, or experience any technical issues; please contact Support.