Easy-Hide-IP: IPsec IKEv1 Installation Guide for iOS

To use Easy-Hide-IP with the IPsec IKEv1 protocol on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), please follow the instructions below.

1    Open "Settings" on your iOS device and select "General"

2    Select "VPN

3   Select "Add VPN Configuration..."

4  Enter the following information, and tap "Done"

  • Type: IPsec

  • Description: Enter a name for the connection you are adding. IE. Easy-Hide-Ip

  • Server:   Enter the PPTP server address of the location/server that you wish to connect to from our server list

  • Account: Enter your Easy-Hide-Ip user name

  • Password: Enter your Easy-Hide-Ip password

  • Secret:  Enter “easyhideip”.

5   Select the connection you just added, and swipe the "Status" indicator to the right of your device to connect

6    Once your connection is successful you will see the VPN icon appearing near your network sign