The following guide outlines the steps necessary to install & configure WireGuard  on your Android device

1.   Install the WireGuard app from the Play Store to your android device(s):

2. Open WireGuard application.  Click on "+" sign and then choose "Create from scratch":

3. Click "Generate" to generate your private and public keys. Copy your private key to another text file/send it to yourself in some messenger. 

Then tap on public key to copy it to clipboard.

4. Open this link and go to the tab "WireGuard". Press "Add new key"

and copy paste your public key and description to it. Press on "Add keys"

5. Save your assigned ip to text file/messenger. Choose location you want to download and click "Download configuration files"

6. Find your downloaded config and unpack it. (you can use e.g RAR app to do this). Open config file with text editor, and paste your private key and ip address inside.

Also please delete PresharedKey line and then save your config. In the end, your config should like like this:

7. Open WireGuard app, click on "+" sign and then choose "Import from file or archive".

 Select your modified config and import it to application.

8. Tap connect button. Allow WireGuard to setup new vpn connections.

9. And now you are connected to Easy-Hide-IP! If you want to disconnect - tap on the same button again.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues while installing & setting up your android device to connect to the Easy-Hide-IP VPN servers; please contact our Support Team anytime.